There were some changes to enforcement of the gender pay gap reporting regulations for the 2020/21 reporting year (which used a snapshot date of either 31 March 2020 or 5 April 2020).

For more information please read this guidance.

Gender pay gap reports for

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Below are all reports submitted, or expected from this employer.
Employers with a headcount of less than 250 can voluntarily report their gender pay gap information.

Who is required to report, and the deadlines

From 2017, any employer who has a headcount of 250 or more on their ‘snapshot date’ must comply with regulations on gender pay gap reporting.

2021/22 Reporting year

This employer is required to report by 4 April 2022

2020/21 Reporting year

This employer is required to report by 5 October 2021

2019/20 Reporting year

The deadline for 2019/20 was 4 April 2020. Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), enforcement of reporting deadlines does not apply to employers in the 2019/20 reporting year.

2018/19 Reporting year

Voluntary report
View report for 2018/19
The data in this report used a snapshot date of 05 April 2018
Person responsible
Lorne Vary
(Chief Financial and Business Development Officer)

2017/18 Reporting year

Not required to report