Eight ways to understand your organisation's gender pay gap

Key questions for employers to ask that will help you to identify different potential causes of your gender pay gap.

Published 17 April 2020

From: Government Equalities Office

Do men and women receive different performance scores on average?

Performance management scores can give you an indication of whether women and men are performing differently or being assessed differently. If there is a difference between performance scores, this can impact progression.

To work out if this is a problem in your organisation:

  • Look at the difference between the performance scores of men and women.

    If possible, break them down by grade and job, particularly if performance management approaches vary between these groups.

  • If your organisation asks employees to provide a self-assessment of their performance, examine it separately to look for imbalances.

    Some research suggests that women tend to rate themselves lower than men and that men are overconfident in their self-ratings.

If you find a gender imbalance in performance scores

Encourage managers to monitor the following things:

  • Are men and women being given equal opportunities to prove themselves?

    For example, are they being assigned different types of projects that might not equally contribute to making someone promotable?

  • Are men and women being given equal resources for their development?

    For example, do they have access to similar training budgets?

  • Are men and women being given equal professional support?

    For example, do they have equal frequency and quality of performance feedback or career conversations?

    If you find that there are gender imbalances arising from self-assessments:

    Consider removing self-assessments from the performance management processes. If you are unable to do this, ensure that managers do not see their employee’s self-assessment before assigning a final performance score. This makes sure their score isn’t influenced by the employee’s self-assessment score.